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If you're one of the millions of Americans who have been saving in a 401k, our 3 year investigation reveals it's time to ditch that plan and move to a better one. You’re going to be in for a real shock with that 401k when you retire. But it’s not too late! Because The Money Protector is here to save the day, and your retirement. We've got your back. So without further adieu..

It’s time for a…401k Rescue!

Watch this 7-minute video and learn how to save your retirement!

So you think your 401k is the best way to save for your future?

We hate to break it to you, but your 401k is a ticking time bomb waiting to blow up your retirement. That's what The Money Protector's new three-year analysis of the 401k shows. In fact, after interviews with more than 200 financial experts, we discovered the 401k is actually America's biggest retirement mistake—and it could be yours too! Just watch Money Protector CEO Dan Mechem’s riveting “401k Rescue” video below. Mechem is former Press Secretary to John McCain and Emmy winning Fox investigative reporter for many years. His investigation of the 401k is an expose you can't afford to miss! Literally..

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The truth is...the 401k is no longer the safe, secure or best way to grow your nest egg or retire. Financial experts say it's one of the most flawed and deceptive ways to invest your money.

You may not see it, but the entire system is rigged against us. All of us. Break free by watching "401k Rescue"

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If you have a 401k or you're thinking of getting a 401k or IRA, this is a must see video! Be sure to download our new book "The Big Lie About Money: How Wall Street, The Big Banks and The Fake News Media Are Stealing Your Money And Robbing You Blind." It's based on a three year investigation, and hundreds of interviews with leading financial experts and the super rich. And it shows you how to grow your nest egg the right way—and tax free. And free from the snares and deceit of The Big Lie and your money. Best of all it’s a free download.

Book a free strategy session with CEO Dan Mechem today, and get your free copy of "The Big Lie About Money" and a free consultation on how to protect yourself from The Big Lie. You’ve worked hard your whole life, why would you risk your money and nest egg in something that could jeopardize your retirement? Even the creator of the 401k, Ted Benna, wants to ditch the 401k and start over. He says “market volatility and the do it yourself aspect of the 401k has failed many Americans.” And that’s just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the fatally flawed 401k, as you will see in this video. The Titanic, you might say.

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